Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mini-Me Verne Troyer & Ranae Shrider: At last, proof that size really DOESN'T matter

verne troyer sex tape

Now Ranae has given us the low-down on their extraordinary six-month fling and revealed how pint-sized Verne:
WOWED her with his Austin staying Powers, making love THREE TIMES in 20 minutes.
ALMOST DROWNED as she tried to seduce him in the bath!
STACKED phone books on chairs so he could eat with her at the table.
LOATHED her miniature pet dog—because it was taller than him.
It was New Year's Eve when Ranae first met Verne at Playboy boss Hugh Hefner's party in his Beverly Hills mansion. Ranae says the chemistry was instant. She told us: "He asked for my phone number. I didn't have anything else to do so I thought why not?"
Her first date with mini me sex video — famous for tape playing midget clone versions of baddie Dr Evil in the smash Austin Powers movies—was a romantic dinner at seafood restaurant The Lobster overlooking the Pacific in Santa Monica.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Verne Troyer sex tape

'Austin Powers' actor Verne Troyer is the star of a new celebrity sex tape.

The 2ft 8in star - best known for his role as Dr. Evil's diminutive sidekick Mini Me in the spy spoof movie series, also starring Mike Myers - reportedly filmed himself and his unnamed ex-girlfriend indulging in sexual activities in their apartment.

The footage was taken by a third party and now celebrity porn broker Kevin Blatt - who was instrumental in the releasing the now infamous Paris Hilton sex tape - is allegedly set to pay $100, 000 for the footage.

In one short clip, which appears on gossip website, Verne is seen passionately kissing his female partner.

Verne - one of the smallest movie stars in the world - has not yet commented on the tape.

He is the latest in a long line of stars who have had their recorded bedroom activities leaked to the public.

As well as Paris Hilton's 'One Night In Paris', Pamela Anderson, Colin Farrell and Tom Sizemore have all appeared in sex tapes.

The 39-year-old actor - who is currently starring alongside Mike Myers in 'The Love Guru' - recently revealed he has no problems with people ridiculing his size in movies.

He said: "The way I look at it is - it's a movie. You've got to be able to have fun with it and laugh at it. If it were outside the movie, yeah, some of that stuff would be insulting. Get over it. I'm sorry - it doesn't offend me. Why should it offend you?"

Verne Troyer

I don't know exactly why. mini me just seems to have this attitude about him. Maybe he's just cocky, but to me he seems to be... mean. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I agree. From what I have seen of mini-me, he just seems very angry. I won't say I hate him because I don't know him personally, but he wouldn't be someone I would bond with.

Thats good, make fun of a guy with a health problem. man, you guys rock. and i think mini me seems to be the only person on that surreal life show that still is in touch with the word. Verne Troyer doenst want to listen to everyone bit** all the time. but i havent seem that manly interviews with him

I don't care if Verne a dwarf. I'm judging him by the content of his character. Perhaps you disagree, but I think that's a good thing, and I can think of at least one person who would agree with me. How would Troyer be better to treat him differently because of his condition? Isn't that what handicapped people bi*** about all the time, being treated differently?

Mini Me Midget ??

Mini Me

I honestly don't understand the big deal about the word "midget". It means the same thing! Verne was acting like a little bitch w/Chyna.

Midget has a more painful feel for short people
like calling a black person a N*&&er

Mini Me has dwarfism so he is a dwarf its not called midgetism

and hey if someone doesnt like being called something why antagonize them just dont call them it

""The guys who wear capes...they're on Angeldust."

Cool, so now show me a 100+ year legacy of hatred and oppression attached to the word "midget" and I may think differently. Personally, I still think mini-me's a whiny little bitch who's pissed off that his 15 minutes are way over and takes it out on anyone who remotely bothers him.

you have ever been to a carnival

they use to exploit the little people and call them midgets was there a war on the subject no but there is a legacy of hatred attached to that word

""The guys who wear capes...they're on Angeldust."